Individual Therapy

counseling for the bereaved
In addition to offering individual counseling for the bereaved, I also work with clients who are struggling with anxiety, depression, family conflict and adoption-related issues.

No matter your goals in meeting with me, I am ever respectful and responsive to the beliefs and practices of a diverse population.

Support for Anxiety

Some anxiety in life is normal. But sometimes when you have difficulty focusing on anything but what you are worried about, it can start to affect your day-to-day life.  It can also impact your relationships with friends and loved ones. Therapy can help create new healthier habits to manage your anxiety.


There are as many manifestations of depression as there are people who suffer from it. For some, it’s sadness; for others, irritability. In can be a hopelessness that feels utterly unique, or it can be a lack of the ability to look forward to things. Depression can weigh you down, but I will support you and help you find ways to cope with your depression. In addition to providing active listening, I will work with you using different tools that can help you manage the day-to-day experience of depression. The path to feeling better takes time, I am here to encourage you and support you.

Adoption Support

Are you adopted? Do you have questions about your biological family? Are you wondering where you fit in? Are you searching for your true identity? Have you found some life milestones challenging? As an adoptee myself, I recognize and understand the distinct needs of adopted people. I strive to find authentic ways to support adopted teens and adults as they find their way through their identity and cultural issues.

Family Conflict

It’s common for families to have conflict occasionally. But more often than not, when you are at odds with family members, life can be more challenging and stressful. We can work through your feelings in a safe space and help you find ways to manage emotions and create healthy boundaries.

Counseling for the Bereaved

Have you been having mixed emotions – sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re really down? Do you feel like you sometimes take one step forward and two steps back? Have you had trouble sleeping since the death of your loved one? Are you feeling worn out emotionally? It takes time to find a way to incorporate grief into your life and find balance again. In working with me, you will find ways to stay connected to your loved one and make room for the loss in your life.

“We know internally when the moment to mourn arrives. Our psyches seem to protect us until we are able to confront the pain, and then the internal alarm clock rings.”

Evelyn Williams, LSW

Taking the first step

Starting to heal means taking one step at a time. Therapy can be your first stop on that path. I would be honored to help you find hope on the other side of this often rocky journey. Please reach out to get your free 15-minute phone consultation.

What’s next?

I recognize that beginning therapy is a big, a brave and an important step towards making a positive change in your life.

Once we set up a time for your free phone consultation, you can share a little bit about what is going on and what your needs are. I will answer any questions you might have about our work together. I look forward to connecting with you.

Reach out for your free 15 minute consultation.