Compassionate Grief Support

“Authentic mourning is anchored in making the conscious choice to allow ourselves to mourn, to recognize that darkness sometimes precedes light, and to seek healing, repair and transformation for our very being.”

Dr. Alan Wolfelt

Guiding your shift toward healing.

Meg Eifrig, LCPC, grief support therapist in Oak Brook, Ill.

You may be feeling…

…lost, and wanting to run away.

…misunderstood in your grief.

…heavy with the weight of grief.

…unable to focus on anything.

…unmotivated to even move.

…emotionally and physically drained.

Events or circumstances in your life, especially a death, can cause you to feel any and all of these things. But that is not how you have to feel. You can discover ways to move with and through the storm of grief to a place of balance, and grief support can help.

You can experience…

…balance once again.

By reaching out for grief support, you are taking a significant step in your journey to move through your grief. I will support you so you can make positive changes in your life, changes that never diminish your experience, but that allow you to feel that balance once again.

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grief support therapist
grief support therapist

You will have permission…

… to grieve at your own pace.

It might seem impossible or unimaginable that you can move through your pain, but I will be there, walking beside you, to help you find your way back to more balance in your life. In this specialized grief support therapy, you will have the time and space to share your grief and make room for it in your life.

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Hi, I’m Meg Eifrig.

I focus on helping adults who are grieving all types of losses. I am passionate about grief support and working with adoptees and aim to create a safe environment for my clients to express intense and painful emotions. My hope is to shine a little light into the dark places, to understand you and help you see that you are not alone. I believe people are the experts in their own grief, each one unique, and thus, I will not push you forward or hold you back; my goal is to walk beside you. I believe there is solace in sharing and telling our stories, in sitting in sacred silence when that feels right, and in bearing witness to each other’s pain.

In addition to being trained in eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), I hold the Center for Adoption Support and Education training for adoption competency certificate. I have also earned my Certificate in Death and Grief Studies under the direction of nationally renowned leader in grief therapy, Dr. Alan Wolfelt. Dr. Wolfelt is the founder and director of the Center for Loss and Life Transition and is best known for his model of providing an environment of compassion for mourners versus prescribing a “treatment.” Dr. Wolfelt’s insights have inspired me and my practice, and I look forward to sharing that with you.

Thank you.
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NOTE:  I am currently offering in person and Telehealth sessions through a secure video platform. Telehealth is available to anyone in Illinois. 

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